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Enjoy nature in all its glory with Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry by DeSavino & Sons. Unlike other outdoor cabinets, DeSavino & Sons have designed and manufactured outdoor cabinetry that not only look great, but complement nature’s natural beauty. Open Air outdoor cabinets are designed from sustainable marine grade polymer, which stands up to any condition Mother Nature throws its way.. Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry by DeSavino & Sons comes in a variety of color palette choices, and can be configured and styled to meet your exquisite and unique tastes. Open Air Outdoor Cabinets are exclusively offered by DeSavino & Sons, and guaranteed to be a welcomed addition to your home.Whether entertaining guests, or sitting down with your family, enjoy al fresco dining with the absolute best outdoor cabinetry by DeSavino & Sons.

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Why we make it better, why it maintains its beauty and why your cabinets will last.

Our sun and outdoor safe Sun Shield will prevent cabinetry from fading due to harmful UV rays. Our rugged, built tough, yet beautiful cabinetry, can weather storms without swelling, and is moisture resistant which won’t develop mildew.

Solid 3/4" thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) marine grade polymer with color throughout.

UV stable which will prevent our cabinetry from fading due to harmful UV rays.

Impermeable to moisture which won't develop any mildew.

Easy to clean, just wash with soap and water when it gets dirty. HPDE is tough against stains, spills and splashes.

Our maintenance free cabinetry is manufactured to retain a look as great as the day you bought it!

Contains no natural wood material and is therefore safe from animals, bugs and any other harmful insects.

Withstands temperatures of -60 up to 250F+

FDA approved for food contact.