Get Ready to Set the Outdoor Scene with Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry’s Exciting Release!

Our thrilling collection of 7 New Premium High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Woodgrain Finishes is here! We’ve crafted an enchanting world of top-tier outdoor cabinetry just for you.

Let’s dive in and explore these captivating finishes

Hickory Woodgrain

Discover the exquisite charm of our ‘Hickory’ woodgrain finish! This rich, chocolate brown depth reflects the verdant vitality of nature right in your backyard!

Aspen Woodgrain

Embrace the ethereal allure of a late spring snowfall with our ‘Aspen’ woodgrain finish! This subtle shimmering warm white hue adds a dash of elegance that’ll leave your guests in awe!

Elm Woodgrain

Our ‘Elm’ woodgrain finish is nothing short of a warm hug on a sunny day! This inviting greige hue creates the perfect atmosphere for memorable get-togethers in your personal outdoor paradise.

Coastal Gray Woodgrain

Our ‘Coastal Gray’ woodgrain finish is the epitome of timeless charm. This warm gray tone perfectly accentuates the vibrancy of your floral oasis, uplifting the aesthetic of your space to a new level!

Kona Woodgrain

Get ready to inject a splash of Hawaiian spirit with our ‘Kona’ woodgrain finish! This unique, reddish-brown shade brings an exotic touch to your cabinetry, embodying the island dreamer within you!

Maple Woodgrain

Introducing our ‘Maple’ woodgrain finish – a glowing testament to abundance, balance, and love. This delightful golden hue will spellbind you and meld beautifully with any outdoor setting.

Ironwood Woodgrain

Presenting ‘Ironwood’ – our striking woodgrain finish that captures the formidable strength of metal in a gorgeous black charcoal color. It’s the perfect choice for making a bold and unforgettable statement!

With these 7 breathtaking additions, Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry now proudly offers 16 HDPE woodgrain finishes to cater to every unique taste and style. It’s worth mentioning the intricate design details, where the woodgrain on drawer fronts runs horizontally, and on the drawers themselves, vertically – a stunning visual twist you’ll love!

Choosing HDPE for your outdoor cabinetry is a stellar choice, packed with awesome benefits

  • 1

    Safety: HDPE, being one of the safest forms of plastic, means peace of mind for you.

  • 2

    Durability: Its stiff composition ensures your cabinetry stays fresh and chic for the long haul!

  • 3

    Moisture Barrier: HDPE is a champ at shielding your cabinetry from the elements, safeguarding its longevity.

  • 4

    Easy Recycling: HDPE is an eco-warrior’s dream – super easy to recycle!

  • 5

    Chemical Resistance: Chemical resistance adds another layer of longevity to your stylish cabinetry.

  • 6

    Sunlight Resistant: Sun damage? No problem! HDPE keeps your cabinetry looking fabulous under the sun.

  • 7

    Temperature Tolerance: From chilly winters to scorching summers, HDPE stays unyielding!

  • 8

    Insect and Rot Resistance: Say goodbye to pesky insects and rot problems with HDPE!

Get ready to elevate your outdoor space with Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry! Let the grandeur of nature blend seamlessly with your outdoor living area!