When choosing outdoor cabinets, the material you pick matters. Outdoor cabinets are exposed to the elements and should be sturdy, waterproof and UV-resistant. Ideally, they should also match the exterior of your home and fit naturally with your landscaping.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled this guide to outdoor cabinet materials to ease your choice. Whether you’re a customer considering a purchase or a dealer looking for potential options, this article will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Considerations When Choosing a Material for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

When comparing different outdoor kitchen cabinet materials, there are a few points to consider. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself as you investigate different options:

  • How durable is this material? Outdoor cabinets can face strong sunshine, rain, ice and a freeze-thaw cycle, depending on where you live. Humidity can also affect some materials more than others. Think about the weather your cabinets will face and how much time you want to spend taking care of them. How long do you want to use these cabinets before you’d be comfortable replacing them? Some materials last longer than others and handle exposure more resiliently.
  • How easy is it to clean and maintain? Materials like stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE and PVC are typically easy to clean, making them appealing options for homeowners.
  • Does it match the style I prefer? Some customers may love the way wood or stainless steel looks and choose it purely for aesthetic reasons.
  • How does installation work? Estimate how long the material’s installation will take and how much time you can dedicate to the job.
  • Does it have heat and UV resistance? In hot climates, customers may prefer to avoid stainless steel since it heats up so much in the sun. Instead, masonry cabinets are a great option for this kind of climate since they harness heat to accelerate the cooking process.
  • Does it accommodate my budget? Those on a tighter budget may prefer PVC or aluminum cabinet options.
  • How sustainable is the material? If customers are most concerned with sustainability, they’ll likely choose either HDPE or wooden cabinetry.

6 Materials for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some of the most popular outdoor kitchen cabinet materials, along with their strengths and weaknesses. As you read through the list, consider which material best suits your location, climate and goals. If you’re a dealer, think about what your customers are usually looking for and the questions they ask.

1. Stainless Steel

This outdoor cabinet material is a great choice because it resists UV rays, rust and discoloration. It’s easy to clean and long-lasting. However, it does heat up in the sun and can be on the expensive side.

If you love the look of stainless steel, this is an ideal option to offer customers. However, shoppers should consider how they can keep it cool during the summer and whether it fits their long-term budget.

2. Wood

Wooden cabinets offer timeless aesthetic appeal, especially in a natural environment. However, they’re not nearly as durable as other types of cabinet materials. Your customers will need to reseal them to prevent damage from water, snow and ice. Sunlight can also cause these cabinets to fade over time.

For customers sold on the look of wood, the maintenance may be worth it. If they spend significant time outside entertaining, investing in maintenance could fit with their lifestyle. Wooden cabinets are truly stunning when surrounded by landscaping.

3. Aluminum

Like stainless steel, aluminum is rust-resistant and long-lasting. It’s also less expensive than stainless steel, making it a good alternative. However, it’s not as strong, and it may show marks like scratches and dents. It also heats up in the sun, making it challenging to use in the heat of summer.

For those with a budget in mind, aluminum offers a sleek, modern style. It is easy to clean and will last a long time if you take good care of it. If you offer aluminum as an alternative to steel, highlight the benefits of each in comparison to each other.

4. Masonry

Masonry cabinets are made of brick, concrete or stone. These materials are very strong and resistant to fire. However, because masonry is so heavy, it does require professional installation and can be more expensive.

This type of cabinetry is also challenging to move once installed and may be secured to the ground for structural stability. However, it’s perfect for hot climates since the structure itself holds heat.


HDPE outdoor cabinet material characteristics

HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is an eco-friendly and durable outdoor cabinet material. It’s easy to clean, and it isn’t damaged by water or UV rays. It is made of recycled materials and can be recycled again after use. However, it has a low tolerance for high heat.

Compared to other cabinetry options, HDPE requires very little maintenance. It has a professional finish and a variety of color options, making it easy to satisfy each homeowner’s aesthetic preferences.

6. PVC

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a strong type of polymer. It is durable and can resist water and insect damage. It’s also easy to clean and more affordable than other cabinet materials. However, the downsides of PVC include poor heat resistance and a negative impact on the environment.

Many customers with a smaller budget opt for PVC because of its durability. However, it will eventually need to be replaced and you won’t be able to recycle it.

What Is the Best Material for Outdoor Cabinets?

For most customers, HDPE is the best option since it’s eco-friendly and durable. The material can be finished in many colors or even with real wood panels. These cabinets are professional, easy to care for and weatherproof.

Customers shopping with a small budget may choose PVC options instead. This material has similar strengths and weaknesses to HDPE, although it’s not friendly to the environment. It’s more affordable, but it won’t last as long. Ultimately, the best material for your outdoor cabinets depends on your priorities.

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