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Looking for an outdoor cabinet dealer with our Open Air Cabinetry? Trying to find the nearest source for these durable and lovely outdoor cabinets? Use our Location Locator to find the closest cabinet dealer.


Partnering with HPM Building Supply in Kailuna-Kona, our outdoor cabinets and drawers are available all across the Hawaiian Islands. They are revolutionizing the face of outdoor entertaining spaces! Impervious to moisture, heat, and insects, our Open Air Outdoor Cabinets are quickly becoming the preferred choice for private residences. Since our cabinets also resist fading from UV rays and heavy sunlight, they are the obvious best choice, anyone, with an outdoor space open to the elements.


From the high desert to the humid, hot streets of LA, and the cool, foggy climes of the Northern Coast, our cabinets are perfect for sunny California. With all of the many climates of California, as well as the ever-changing styles of outdoor design, versatility is important. Since you want something to stand up to the weather and stay classic, our cabinets are perfect for you! We have several cabinet dealers up and down the coast, as well as inland, who carry our products. Since our cabinets are not painted, they will not fade in the sun. These are the perfect option for standing up against any variety of elements!


The midwest gets it all: sun, snow, and everything in between. So you need cabinets that will stand up to it all too! We have a wide variety of cabinet dealers carrying our Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry all across the midwestern states.

Are you looking for durable and luxurious outdoor cabinets for your home? Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry by DeSavino & Sons are durable, luxurious, and weatherproof. Our outdoor cabinets are the perfect option for your outdoor dining needs.

Why Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry?

With computer-aided design technology and precision CNC machinery, your cabinets are not only guaranteed to fit perfectly, but you’re guaranteed to love all of the custom options available to make your dream oasis come to life!

Ready to create your outdoor oasis?

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