Cabinetry FAQs

Whether you have questions about materials used or how to care for your beautiful cabinets, DeSavino and Sons can answer all of your cabinetry questions!

How long will it take to install your cabinetry?

Depending on the number of cabinets involved in the installation, it will take 1-2 days. Kamado Grill Caddy’s will take about 2-3 hours.
Because of their unique design, we ship our cabinets as “flat packed” items. This maximizes the amount of space for shipping and reduces freight costs. In short, you get more quality at a lower cost! If you prefer, you can have your cabinets built at our facility and shipped already assembled and ready for installation.

Can I paint the cabinets?

No. We color the cabinets throughout the material, therefore making them impervious to paint.

How do you construct the cabinets?

We design the cabinets to be assembled with our supplied hardware. We have already cut and drilled them to accept the hardware to guarantee the correct assembly.

Since we make all of our cabinetry using computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery, all of the cabinet dimensions are perfect! CNC ensures that all of the doors, drawers, and accessories have the correct clearances resulting in a smooth fit and finish every time.

Do you charge more for different door styles and colors?

Not at all, standard door style and color do not change the price of the cabinets.

How will I clean the cabinets?

Just wash the cabinets with soap and water, and hose or pressure wash them when they get dirty. Our cabinets do not require any harmful chemicals or special cleaners.

Can the cabinets be in direct sunlight?

Yes. you may set them directly in the sunlight.

Will the cabinet colors ever fade?

No. The UV inhibitors will prevent cabinetry from fading.

Do the cabinets have sealed doors or drawers (with a gasket)?

No. They are not watertight. They are waterproof.

The difference is that water will not harm the structure or integrity of the cabinet. By design, there are small gaps between the doors and drawers, they are not gasketed with a watertight seal. For most designs, this is sufficient to keep your items safe from the weather.

To help prevent direct rainwater from dripping into the cabinet, it is recommended to have a sufficient countertop overhang (2” from the face of the cabinet). Also, your granite fabricator should “saw cut” a groove to the underside of the front of the granite countertop to help prevent water from running down the face and traveling inside the cabinet.

Why Choose Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry?

Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry is a family-owned business based in Olyphant, PA. All of our products are made in America, and our raw sheet material is sourced from a local provider. We work with dealers across the country to provide unique outdoor cabinetry solutions that will stand the test of time.

We work with customers throughout the design process to ensure they receive a product that meets their needs and completes their vision for the perfect outdoor space. Our materials are good for customers and the planet — they’re durable, nontoxic and sustainable.

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