Please make all changes and corrections at the time that you receive confirmation verification. Read the confirmation verification carefully to avoid any delays, and always inform us as soon as possible. If you have a correction or change in your order, please fax them to us immediately, and we will make the necessary adjustments. Our priority is precision, and we wish to meet your needs as best we can. Therefore, if you have any questions or feel something might not work, do let us know during the ordering process and we will communicate to better fit your needs.


As we begin to work on your order we will contact you with any changes or issues and will do so via email. Keep in communication with us, and we will resolve any conflicts as soon as possible. Because of shop hours and production times, we do ask for at least 24 hours to make changes or respond. As we work to resolve the conflict, expect to hear from us multiple times, and always let us know if you experience dissatisfaction with your order afterward.

The labor and materials for our cabinets and construction are made to order, and we begin working immediately upon receiving an order because we value time. Cancellation of an order after confirmation and verification will result in a charge of the number of materials, and labor that has already been accrued in our custom manufacturing process plus an additional 20% charge. Expect a thorough review before completing your order, because we don’t want to charge you! Some changes can be made without extra charge, but not all. At Open Air Cabinetry the quality of our speaks for itself, therefore we pursue open communication with our customers to ensure the quality of ordering and follow-through match. You can send questions regarding our work and your order to us via email, or you can fax or call us at your earliest convenience.


We do not accept returned goods but would like to know if you are dissatisfied with the product. Should your cabinets be damaged in shipment, please let us know and we will make changes to help. We do not claim responsibility for items damaged during transportation, but we do our best to fix what we can. We can always offer restoration services, our second orders at a discounted rate.


Cancellation of an order after confirmation/verification will result in a charge for cost of materials and labor that has already been accrued in our custom manufacturing process plus an additional 20% charge.

Why Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry?

With computer-aided design technology and precision CNC machinery, your cabinets are not only guaranteed to fit perfectly, but you’re guaranteed to love all of the custom options available to make your dream oasis come to life!

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