Outdoor Cabinet Delivery

Our outdoor cabinet delivery allows us to sent our cabinets as “flat packed” items. This maximizes the amount of space for shipping and reduces freight costs. However, if you would prefer to have your cabinets assembled at our facility, we can ship them already assembled and ready for installation!

At DeSavino & Sons we prioritize quality work for an affordable price, and we take these two ideas into account through every step of the process. This includes how we get your beautiful new cabinets to your home and into your living space. This is why we provide options for your consideration when deciding how to receive your Outdoor Cabinet delivery.

If you want the least expensive of the two options, choose flat packed. However, we realize that not everyone can expect to assemble their new Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry themselves. DeSavino & Sons therefore provides an assembly option that makes your job even easier. Just enjoy your beautiful new cabinets and drawers with no sweat required!

All of our cabinet and drawers include installation in the cost. This means that you can sit back and relax while the workers install your cabinets for you! Installation is quick and easy, but depends heavily on the space. While we promise an efficient installation process, we cannot guarantee an installation time. Please expect your cabinet installation to take one-to-two days to complete.

The installation process is low-hazard, and practically mess-free. Your outdoor living space shouldn’t be sacrificed in the time it takes to put in your beautiful new cabinets! Following installation the workers will thoroughly clean the space and wipe down your new outdoor cabinets. Should you experience dissatisfaction in the installation and cleaning process, please notify DeSavino & Sons as soon as possible, and DeSavino & Sons will rectify the situation for you.

Why Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry?

With computer-aided design technology and precision CNC machinery, your cabinets are not only guaranteed to fit perfectly, but you’re guaranteed to love all of the custom options available to make your dream oasis come to life!

Ready to create your outdoor oasis?