We offer many options for cabinet customization, including everything from color to edges! Do you want the durability of Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry? Then you should also benefit from cabinets that will fit into your unique outdoor space. You cannot call the sustainability of our outdoor cabinets into question. However, should you desire information on the specifications of our cabinets, please download and peruse the PDF.

Since we do offer so many customizable features, the options are almost endless! If you don’t see what you want or something you like, call and speak to one of our employees today to discuss more design options. When you go to order your customized Open Air Outdoor Cabinets, make sure to have your measurements on hand. You will need to know the depth, width, and height for the space you are fitting them too.  We will also need to know the material to which the cabinets will be mounted.

The specifications guide includes information on the variety of cuts and corners available. This refers to the various doors we offer, the drawers, the colors, and their edge profiles. We have also included the plastics processing information and the recycling specifications we meet.

Along with the fabrications of the polymer materials used in our cabinets, we also account for the colors and dye properties. We responsibly source all of our materials, and dispose of waste in an energy-efficient and earth-friendly manner. The specifications, separated into three parts, discuss the means necessary for mounting, safety precautions, and shipping details. The shipping details include the flat-packed option and the pre-assembled option. We use high-grade stainless steel. The 304 grade stainless steel hinges and sliders feature hydraulic soft stops.

For more information, download the provided PDF. Should you have questions, please call or email DeSavino and Sons.

Download Product Guide Specification!

Why Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry?

With computer-aided design technology and precision CNC machinery, your cabinets are not only guaranteed to fit perfectly, but you’re guaranteed to love all of the custom options available to make your dream oasis come to life!

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