Outdoor Grill Cabinet

Turn your backyard or patio into a more practical and entertaining space with a new gorgeous kitchen addition. Our high-quality, stylish outdoor grill cabinets are perfect for your exterior space. We customize the outdoor cabinets to fit different grilling sizes and designs. Tailor your cabinetry for a cohesive outdoor living space, making al fresco dining and barbecue nights more convenient and exciting.

Remarkable Features of Our Outdoor Grill Cabinets

Discover the charm of cabinetry that fits your outdoor grilling station in style and functionality. From durability to sustainability, grill cabinets from Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry have various high-quality features, including:

  • Highly durable and resilient materials: We design our outdoor cabinets for grilling to withstand heat and any weather conditions. Each outdoor grill cabinet is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is recognized for its sturdy properties. For safety, the manufacturer’s approved heat-insulating jacket should be applied when using the outdoor cabinetry grill bases.
  • Unmatched craftsmanship: Our dedication to excellence brings superior craftsmanship to every outdoor grilling cabinet we manufacture. Trust our experts to transform your visions into exceptional creations.
  • Stylish designs: We combine durability with beauty to meet your unique preferences. The versatility of our door designs and finishes allows you to tailor the cabinetry according to your preferences.
  • Sustainable resources: One of our key missions is to design products responsibly and sustainably. The HDPE panels we use are recyclable, and we also utilize molded-in colors to eliminate the need for secondary painting finishing and repainting.
  • Low maintenance: We make sure that cleaning our cabinets will not take too much of your time. Just use soap and water and you’re good to go. You can also power-wash or steam clean the HDPE panels, reducing the carbon footprint from harsh chemical products.

Personalize Your Outdoor Built-In Grill Cabinets

You can shape the outdoor grill cabinet you choose to your liking. Our customization capabilities give you the freedom to select the following elements:

  • Countertop thickness: Pick the countertop thickness that fits your preference and existing grill equipment. Make sure to provide the exact grill manufacturer and model number, along with the required insulating liner for proper fitting. When determining the grill cabinet size, we use the insulated liner specifications and not the size of the grill. If you have a Kamado grill, we offer a grill base cabinet for ease of selection.
  • Door style: We provide a series of styles, from plain surfaces to more intricate patterns. The premium HDPE panels come in different edge profiles and drawer box colors for an extra touch of sophistication.
  • Door finish: After picking your preferred door style, decide on the panel finish. We have four options — matte, textured, woodgrain solid and variegated woodgrain.
  • Cabinet color: Explore our wide variety of HDPE colors based on the door finish. We offer standard and premium color choices that fit unique home designs. Some classic favorites are white, black, tan and gray. We also have more distinct options, like nickel rotary brush, teak, dark ash and more.
Grill Cabinet

Bring Grilling to a New Level With Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry

You can browse our outdoor cabinetry gallery to see our past projects and let us help you design your grill cabinet and dream outdoor kitchen area. Find a dealer now to start building your cooking space with ease and comfort. We also offer the option to become a dealer if you want to sell our products.