Outdoor Sink Cabinet

Spruce up your patio or outside kitchen with a gorgeous, functional outdoor sink cabinet from Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry. Our sink cabinets come in handy for al fresco dining, enabling you to prepare food and entertain guests easily. These products also make a gardener’s life more productive, offering a go-to washing facility after a day in the sun or extra storage space.

Update your overall outdoor setup and move the party outside with the help of our outdoor sink cabinets.

Discover Our Outdoor Sink Cabinet Features

At Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry, we combine excellent craftsmanship with sustainable practices to deliver high-quality outdoor kitchen sink cabinets that meet your needs and are good for the environment. This cabinet can bring value to your kitchen with its various features, including:

  • Solid, durable materials: The outdoor sink cabinet base uses thick, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a marine-grade polymer, to ensure high-impact resistance and superior tensile strength. The ¾-inch-thick HDPE panels withstand swelling and warping when exposed to humidity.
  • Waterproof properties: We carefully designed our outdoor kitchen sink base cabinet to be moisture resistant to ensure longevity. Since these products are nonporous, there is less chance of mold, fungus, mildew and bacterial growth.
  • Superior core color: Both our standard and premium color collections stand the test of time. We use molded-in colors, which means no need for painting that releases harmful VOC emissions.
  • Remarkable UV stabilization: Our high-quality sink cabinets are designed for the outdoors. The cabinets can be in direct sunlight without the colors fading.
  • Sustainable features: Beyond its practicality and functionality, our outdoor cabinetry stands out because of its sustainable materials. We construct our cabinets from recycled resources with 25% to 75% post-industrial content. Our factory-responsible recycling contributes to our sustainability mission.
  • Easy-to-clean designs: We manufacture sink cabinets and other outside cabinetry to be low maintenance. When these products get dirty, you only need to wash them with soap and water.

Customize Your Patio With an Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Our commitment to excellence extends to providing remarkable attention to specifications. Our team will custom-fit the outdoor sink cabinet you choose to fit your patio, deck or backyard and meet your unique needs. We can satisfy individual requests for customizations by offering:

  • Various door styles: Browse our different HDPE door styles to find one that suits your preferences. Our standard and premium designs vary in surface style and edge profiles. The door adds around 7/8-inch depth to the overall cabinet face.
  • Unique cabinet finishes: Choose from an impressive selection of cabinet finishes to match your vision, from matte to textured and wood grain options. The matte finish is perfect for a modern-style kitchen or a minimalistic space. If you want to add an extra decorative value, go for the textured and wood grain finishes.
  • Gorgeous color options: Discover your favorite hue from our exclusive color collection. The assortment of colors depends on the cabinet finish. Some options available are black, moss grey, indigo, tan, mahogany and maple.
Sink cabinet drawing dimensions and ISO view

Work With Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry to Upgrade Your Exterior Kitchen

Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry is your trusted partner in manufacturing outdoor kitchen cabinets. Learn more about our superior, customizable and sustainable outdoor patio sink cabinets by finding one of our local dealers near you and start building your outdoor kitchen today. You can also join our widespread dealer network to sell our outdoor cabinets.