Outdoor Wall Cabinet

Make your outdoor kitchen the focal point of your patio with some wall cabinets from Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry. We provide endless design options to fit your preferences. Start building your outdoor kitchen with our top-notch cabinets that add practical and decorative value to any home today.

Features and Specifications of Our Outdoor Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are essentials in your outdoor kitchen. As your trusted source of premium cabinetry, we create outdoor patio wall cabinets that excel in quality, style and sustainability. Our products’ features include:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Transform your outdoor area with our superior quality outdoor cabinets, which come in various styles for your unique space. Some cabinets have single doors or center-closing doors. There are also options for open-shelf wall cabinets for seamless storage. Our selection includes blind corner and corner wall cabinets, too.
  • Sturdy cabinet base: We ensure you get exceptional quality regardless of the cabinet design you choose. Our dedication to excellence includes choosing the most durable and reliable material. We use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels with ¾-inch thicknesses to ensure durability. These HDPE panels are also weather- and corrosion-resistant, which adds to their long-lasting properties.
  • Waterproof and UV-stabilized design: Our outdoor cabinets are designed to withstand water accumulation and even direct sunlight. Use these weatherproof outdoor wall cabinets to store all your kitchen essentials without worrying about the delamination and swelling of panels. Since we use HDPE panels, the cabinets are also resistant to microscopic bacteria and fungus.
  • Sustainable materials: Our long-standing mission for a sustainable future enables us to help you minimize your carbon footprint. By using recycled materials and eliminating VOC emissions, we combine stellar quality and sustainability in our cabinetry solutions.

Our Waterproof Outdoor Wall Cabinet Customization Options

At Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry, we meet your customization needs with ease. Tailor your outdoor kitchen wall cabinets from our variety of personalized options:

  • Cabinet configuration: Choose from our unique wall cabinet designs, with doors or without. For single-door cabinets, you can pick either a left or right hinge.
  • Number of shelves: We understand the importance of storage functionality in cabinets. Make the most out of the storage capacity with our shelf options. We allow up to two shelves for our open-shelf and door cabinet options.
  • Colors: We provide earthy hues that create a cohesive kitchen look and give the rest of the outdoor equipment a chance to shine. If you want a nice contrast, there are brighter color options, as well.
  • Finishes and door styles: Find the best finish that fits your overall home design. We have matte and textured finishes in our selection. Variegated and solid woodgrain options are available in some wall configurations, too. Complete the look with the door style of your choice. We carry standard and premium door styles that match various architectural setups.
Outdoor Wall Cabinet

Create an Outdoor Oasis With Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry

Choosing the best wall cabinets for your outdoor kitchen is easier with our superior craftsmanship and extensive years of experience. Explore our local retailers and spruce up your outdoor space in style. We also offer the option to become one of our dealers.