Outdoor Wood Cabinets

Natural Wood Door Styles

Wood outdoor cabinets often appeal to homeowners for their classic and natural style. Wood is an especially good fit for outdoor kitchen cabinets since it harmonizes so well with the natural surroundings. But cabinets consisting of 100% wood can be challenging to maintain outdoors. 

What if there was a better option for outdoor kitchen spaces? At Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry, we offer the best of both worlds for homeowners that desire real wood. We mount real wood drawer fronts and doors to a cabinet box made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The result — cabinets that will last while also meeting customer expectations with a natural wood appearance. 

Natural Styles for Wood Outdoor Cabinets

Our outdoor wooden cabinets combine the aesthetic appeal of real wood with the durability and sustainability of marine-grade polymer. We offer two wood options for the door fronts and drawers:

  • Teak: A natural mid-tone that will match many decor styles.
  • Brazilian Cherry: A warm reddish tone that will glow in outdoor spaces. 

There are three choices for kitchen cabinet door styles: Louver, Shaker and Raised Panel. The Louver style door is only available in Brazilian Cherry at this time. These styles are classic and will suit many different aesthetic preferences. All of our cabinet doors are finished with a square edge. 

We cut our cabinets with a CNC machine so the pieces are exactly the right size for your custom order. Each product is designed to meet customer specifications so they can enjoy a made-to-order outdoor kitchen. 

Durability for Any Outdoor Space

Our wood outdoor kitchen cabinets will last thanks to the marine-grade polymer cabinet box. This material is strong, impervious to water and resists sun damage. With HDPE cabinet boxes, homeowners receive high-quality pieces that won’t warp or fall apart.

Since these cabinets feature real wood, they do require some maintenance like biannual oiling to help the drawer fronts and doors maintain their quality. Note that wood outdoor cabinets are not covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

Available in 3 Styles

Our natural wood options are available in 3 styles louver, shaker, and raised. Any of these options will compliment any out door setting.


Currently the square edge is the best option available to make sure that your outdoor cabinet space is perfection.

  • Natural Wood Species Doors and other Natural Wood Species components which includes Brazilian Cherry and Teak are NOT covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty and do
    not include any separate manufacturers warranty.
  • Extended lead times may apply.

Choose Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry for Outdoor Kitchen Wood Cabinets

At Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry, we can offer a customized outdoor kitchen that suits your lifestyle and needs. Our products are designed to be durable and are made of sustainable materials. We love talking to customers and would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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